2016: a Year in Review

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It?s time for the 2016 wrap up post where I?ll share the Best of Garden Therapy from this year. I have a few personal notes to share, as well as a look back on the year including the 25 Most Popular Garden & Craft Projects that were published.The very best of gardening and diy for the year!

2016: a Year in Review

When I look back on 2016, I?m amazed at how different my life is now. Ten years ago I became seriously ill, suddenly and without warning (you can read more about my personal journey ). The long recovery process is mostly behind me and I am now working as a writer full time. It is the best job that I could even imagine.

Travel and Events

In February, I traveled to the in Seattle to in front of an 800-seat auditorium.


I was nervous that I would mess up, and guess what? I did! My mic clip broke and so I had to stay tethered to the podium. Well, I?m not someone who can stand still, especially during a 45-minute presentation in front of a huge crowd! I kept dropping the mic and brushing it, which must have made me look like a sitcom character in a physical comedy sketch.

The kind audience was forgiving of my clumsiness and I tried my best to forget about the mic and focus on my talk. I shared my journey of healing through gardening and a plethora of ideas for how to bring gardening to those who need it most: school gardens, therapy gardens, small-space dwellers, and anyone who wants to add some creativity to their garden space. Despite my fumbles, I must have done OK because I will be going back to the NWFGS again this year! . I hope you will come to see me, or at least attend the show (which is fabulous!).

Next, I traveled to California to attend the Ball Spring Trials. It was a fascinating trip where I learned what was new and hot in horticulture. Read more about .

In late spring, I had the honor of touring P. Allen Smith?s Moss Mountain Farm. I made some fabulous new friends and came home with my head spinning from all that I learned. Read more about .

I attended a number of other events as well throughout the year. Notably,  90th Birthday Bash in August in Dayton, Oregon, where I had a grand tour of the nursery, amazing food, and more gorgeous plants than I could handle! I shared much of those events on social media and I?ll be using what I learned to create some new articles this year.


In other news, , won a gold medal in 2016! You can .

If you have a copy of Garden Made, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Why not leave a review where you bought it (, , , , , ) or on ? I would be endlessly grateful!

I also published this year filled with ideas to get the creativity flowing. The best part? Seeing what you have made! There is nothing I like more than an email or direct message with a photo showing off your creations. The ideas and creativity, as well as how you personalize the projects, is just amazing.

The 25 Most Popular Garden Projects & Crafts

Here on the website that started it all, we have been busy little bees! I created 133 new projects in 2016 and our  have contributed an additional 33 articles. Of those 166 gardening and craft projects that have been posted this year, there were some that you REALLY loved. Here are the 25 posts that were the most popular in 2016.

Please note: this list only covers the most popular posts that were published from January -December 2016. You can see our .

The very best of gardening and diy for the year!

























and the #1 most popular post of 2016?


Honorable Mention:

This  project was published on December 10th of 2015 so it didn?t make the cut for this list even though it came in as #2 for this December and #14 for the whole year.

Want to see what was popular in previous years?

2017 is going to be an amazing year full of new growth and creative ideas. If you haven?t yet signed up to what are you waiting for? It?s free and filled with new ideas each and every week!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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It?s the most wonderful time of the year?well, almost. The most wonderful time of the year for gardeners is when you can get outside and start digging in the soil again. Perhaps you can do that year round, or maybe this is your summer (Hello friends Down Under!). Regardless, it?s time for Garden Therapy to take a break for the holidays.

Evergreen wreath on wire frame by Garden Therapy (I love my wreath for this year! I used every color of green I could find and love the texture. .)

But wait! You still haven?t finished checking off your gift list? Never fear, we have plenty of ! Have a look:

You may now be getting used to our 3-5 weekly craft projects, recipes, and of course, all things gardening. I hope that you have been enjoying our weekly newsletter that arrives each week packed full of ?what?s in season? (or to be added to the list ? it?s free!). It has been a very busy year with blogs and books and writing and it?s time for a little R&R and family time!

This certainly doesn?t mean you will be left without creative ideas! Take a tour through some of our , there are over 800 , , , and . 

Use the search bar to look up projects that might suit your fancy or browse the to see what?s newest. 

We will be back for our 2016 round up in January, and then back to our regular schedule after the new year.

Wishing you all the hope, wonder, and Garden Therapy that the season can bring! Happy holidays!


Stephanie and the .

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