Do You Need Sports Drinks?

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And if you?re focusing on appearance, you?re definitely not going a to help promote progress. In fact, for most weekend warriors, the?need?for?Gatorade?isn?t as real as the ads will make it seem. This is when sports drinks can make the biggest difference in either helping with recovery, maintaining performance, or even in some cases (cough, LeBron) keeping you in the game. Hence the need about for more salt. For example, most athletes know about electrolytes. Yes, there are benefits to the sports drink. (If not used it can turn into body fat, but this isn?t an issue for people doing high intensity activities.? 3) Carbs are good for athletes Your main ?energy? source during intense workouts is glycogen. In particular?potassium, magnesium, and chloride?are essential (and have the name ?electrolyte) because your body needs them to transmit electrical signals from your brain to your muscles.? The carbs in a sports drink like?Gatorade?refuel and keep your engine humming.Do You Need Sports Drinks? by ?Is it in you?? With all respect to LeBron James (who by his own admission occasionally requires the extra hydration), not everyone needs to fuel up with the brightly colored drinks before, during, or after activity. The best way to think of this is a tank of carbs ready to be used during activity.? 1) Athletes need salt Most people are terrified of high sodium (which, by the way, is more BS than we make it to be, but that?s another story. It?s a matter of replacing what is lost. This is what allows your body to function. While it?s always easiest to think about food and nutrition in terms of how it makes your body look, it?s more important for athletes to consider how their body will perform. In this situation, water can do the hydration trick. And the highway for those brain-to-muscle message? You guessed it: your body fluids, which also happen to be regulated by sodium.) When doing duration exercises, your glycogen levels deplete and you can ?bonk. And maybe more importantly, is both easy and efficient. But those benefits are only derived when you deplete your body of certain nutrients. But when you?re working out at a high intensity and crushing your body? No doubt you need more than water. Meaning, if you?re the type of person who goes to the gym, pounds weights for 45 minutes, and then slugs back a?Gatorade?or two, you?re probably not doing your body any favors.? 2) Hydration alone doesn?t determine fatigue Sports drinks replace some of the minerals you lose through heavy sweating. When you?re trying to decide if you need a little liquid recovery, here?s what you should consider. You can refuel with ?real? food, but something like Gatorade will help. While athletes drinking the amplified water like it?s going out of style, the ultimate answer for your needs is more specified: your needs depend on the?type?of activity you perform.), but athletes need sodium.? So if you?re training for more than 60 to 90 minutes at a high intensity you may need to refuel?during the workout?and water alone won?t do the trick. If you regularly sweat out 2 to 3 percent of your body?s weight?3 to 6 pounds, for most of us?you probably need more sodium.?

Each week we?ll provide tips and thoughts (with links) that will improve your life without overload.Minimum Effective Dose: Why Walking Is Good for Your Brain by Minimum Effective Dose is part of the Born Fitness mission to provide usable, simplified answers to common questions, add valuable information, and upgrade your health.? #BeTheChange: Saturated fat might not be as bad as you thought.? #BeTheChange: Coffee may have several health benefits. Nor did it find less disease in those eating higher amounts of unsaturated fat, including monounsaturated fat like olive oil or polyunsaturated fat like corn oil. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. Why You Should Read It:?You want to know if saturated fat is ok. Why You Care:??The researchers found that the participants who increased their coffee intake by more than one cup a day (on average, an increase of 1.e. A person?s creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. Here?s how you may be able to have your coffee and decrease the chance of disease too. Why You Care: ?People who ate higher levels of saturated fat did not have more heart disease than those who ate less.? #BeTheChange: Here?s how a daily walk might help you solve your every day problems. you can eat burgers)?but don?t go crazy either. Why You Should Read It:?You want to get past that mental block Why You Care:??Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration.69 cups per day) over a 4-year period had an 11% lower type 2 diabetes risk over the subsequent 4 years, compared with people who did not change their intake. No need to completely avoid (i. Why You Should Read It:?You don?t know if you should drink that second cup of joe in the morning

The rest periods make it preferable for a fat loss routine or just to get your heart rate elevated and feel like you pushed your body and became a little bit better. Or if I?m at home and tied to my desk, I?m not going to stress about getting dressed and ready to train. That is, do one set of an exercise, rest the prescribed amount of time, and then repeat. Perform all sets in order. Here?s one of my favorite bodyweight circuits. READ MORE:?. It?s perfect for any situation where you literally have no equipment available, but still want an effective workout. Much like the home workout, the best approach is one that is both practical and challenging.No Equipment Home Workouts: Fat Loss Edition by Not every workout needs to occur at a gym, take 60 minutes, or even require any equipment. Set your timer for 30 minutes or less because that?s all you?ll need. That?s when . When done right, these should be quick, effective, and leave you feeling like you pushed yourself?all without ever leaving your home. When I?m on the road, whether for business or pleasure, finding a fitness facility isn?t top priority. And for someone who is on the road nearly every week, this is a necessity and a realistic approach to prioritizing health. But none of those are reasons why I can?t still find a time to sneak in a quick workout. Now you can join a proven weight loss program with a personalized component of support and accountability. Lower Body Workout 1) Skater Squat or bodyweight squat ? 3 x 15-20 reps (60 seconds rest) 2) 1-Leg Hip Thrust ? 3 x 12 reps (30 seconds rest) 3) Alternating lunges ? 3 x 45-60 seconds (30 seconds rest) 4) Side Plank ? 3 x 30 second hold per side (45 seconds rest) Upper Body Workout 1)Inchworms 3 x 10-12 (60 seconds rest) 2) Feet Elevated Pushup -3 x 10-20 reps x (60 seconds rest) 3) Close Grip Pushup 3 x AMAP (as many reps as possible) x (60 seconds rest) 3) Burpees: 3 x 10 reps (60 seconds rest) A Solution for Failed Fat Loss A weight loss plan doesn?t have to be a world of false promises and hype. Once all sets are complete, then move on to the next exercise. How to perform this workout This can serve as two separate programs or one total body workout

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